Team working

The ApuliaKundi team consists of young people from Puglia that combine personal characteristics, skills and experiences aimed at good management and implementation of the business idea.

The ApuliaKundi group intends to be an active part of a process of change and, through cooperation, to contribute to a process of sustainable development beneficial to the entire human community

The group (KUNDI) is specifically composed by:



Raffaele Settanni: CEO, Chief Executive Officer

He has developed a long experience within the company in the field of environmental monitoring, water treatment and in particular the quality control of processes and food products, storage and waste disposal as well as in the commercial.


Onofrio Dursi: Production Manager

He gained experience in the field of process and product management.


Flavia Grieco: Biotechnologist



Danila Chiapperini: Project Manager

He has developed a long experience in international cooperation and vocational training, social inclusion and local development projects.