Active principles

The active principles of ApuliaKundi, seen as principles that have an effect on development, represented by FeedingInnovation and Cooperation.

ApuliaKundi combines the active ingredients of a Feeding, healthy, safe and accessible to all, of Innovation, meaning the ability to deal with economic and social changes and cultural and of Cooperation as a philosophy and practice to identify and implement alternatives for an integrated and sustainable development.

When we think of threats to the environment we visualize cars and smokestacks, not what we will eat for dinner. But our need for food is a serious danger to the planet.

The awareness of the interdependence between people and the environment is the basis of the principles of ApuliaKundi.
The choice to develop a food product, natural, pure and not mixed with other food components, responds to the urgency to reverse course in order to contribute to the sustainable development from both, social and environmental point of view.