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ApuliaKundi is an Apulian Start-up that produces Natural and 100% Pure Spirulina and functional foods based on Spirulina.

Also it provides innovation support services and accompaniment to the innovative companies for the development of new economies such as algae culture and new algae-based products.


Considered since ancient times the “food of the gods”, Spirulina is a blue-green microalgae, which belongs to the family of cyanobacteria photos synthesizing containing principles of high nutritional value such as to be defined by the FAO the “food of the future”. For these reasons and for its vast fields of application in the field of human and animal nutrition, renewable energy, water treatment, cosmetic and generally for the person’s well-being, Spirulina showing high scientific interest today the development of green business.

“Spirulina, eaten as food for hundreds of years by tribes of various places in the world, possesses extraordinary nutritional benefits, therapeutic and health, by virtue of its high nutritional value.” – FAO, 2007

ApuliaKundi was born after winning the 2012 Active Principles notice, with the project “SPIRULINA – Food of the Gods” as part of the program Hot Spirits, promoted by the Region of Puglia and aimed at encouraging the participation of young people from Apulia to the active life and development of the territory.

Spirulina is a wonder of nature for its extraordinary content of nutrients. Spirulina is the most complete and plant food with the highest protein content.

The ApuliaKundi group, through the development of new product based on algae, actively participates in the construction and promotion of a sustainable development model, the development of the knowledge economy and innovation; It aims to contribute to improving the quality of life of human communities, promoting research and scientific development in the fields of application of microalgae, particularly of Spirulina, through:

  • The development, production and marketing of new products based on algae, functional foods – novel foods and innovative services with high technological value;
  • Study projects, monitoring, scientific and development cooperation;
  • Information, awareness, education and science;
  • Partnerships and cooperation networks with various parties aimed at scientific research, technological innovation and the exchange of best practices at local and global levels.
Our challenges

Our challenges

What food on our dishes? Today the quality of food, but often even more than the lifestyle we have, does not offer us the right nourishment and therefore we increasingly suffer from problems related to bad eating habits such as diabetes, cholesterol, obesity, intolerances, vitamin deficiencies and Mineral salts etc. Malnutrition belongs to rich countries as well as to poor ones.

In 2050 the world population will have increased by about 35%, therefore a sustainable alternative must be found to produce nutritious food for the whole planet.

But agriculture and intensive farming are among the main causes of pollution and global warming.


Environmental sustainability
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