SpirulinaK BIO
Made in ITALY

100% Italian with very high quality standards

Cultivated in Puglia in our production plants
Natural and 100% pure
FAO defines "the food of the future"
A superfood for healthy and balanced diets

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Bioavailable, thanks to the presence of Vitamin C, it increases the body's immune defenses


It is a Superfood, a natural energizer, a food with a complete nutritional profile


Certified organic product. Grown naturally and in a monitored environment, protected from contamination


It has a chelating action with a purifying action on the liver and kidneys; eliminates heavy metals from the body


Useful in the diet aimed at weight loss or in low-calorie regimes; accelerates metabolism and inhibits the sense of hunger


Maintain and balance the right blood sugar level

THE spirulina is


Its purity makes it suitable for a vegan diet or for those who are intolerant to gluten


Thanks to the innovative cold dehydration system, it keeps its nutraceutical properties intact


Proteins and mineral salts (Magnesium, Potassium, etc.) increase physical endurance and muscle development; Phosphorus promotes memory and concentration


Counteracts the action of free radicals and maintains skin elasticity


Contains Omega3 and Omega6 which act in favor of good cholesterol


Grown in Puglia, in a natural way, in full respect of the environment


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