ApuliaKundi produces italian bio certified natural 100% pure spirulina

Spirulina is a blue-green micro-alga characterized by a high nutritional value and a low environmental impact, so much to be defined by FAO as “the food of the future”. It is the most complete and nutritious food.

La spirulina è una microalga di colore verde-blu caratterizzata da un elevato valore nutrizionale e da un basso impatto ambientale, tanto da essere definita dalla FAO “il cibo del futuro"

Products with spirulina algae

ApuliaKundi produces 100% natural and pure spirulina in Puglia and functional products enriched with spirulina in collaboration with other local business.
Spirulina bio

Sticks of Spirulina BIO are pure, biologic, natural and they are producted in Italy. Thanks to a traced and safe supply chain, the Spirulina sticks are a unique food with a high content of proteins, fibers, mineral salts and vitamins.

pasta con spirulina

Organic Spirulina pasta BIO represents a valid alternative for those who want a product that is attentive to health but without sacrificing taste. Bronze drawn, it is ideal for those who love the Mediterranean diet

miele con spirulina

Food with high iron and protein content and low glycemic index. The addition of Spirulina allows to increase the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory action typical of honey, as well as its energizing properties.

birra con spirulina

Compact and persistent foam, straw-yellow color with opalescent green reflections and fruity aromas with a light herbaceous finish. Elegant and balanced taste with moderate sparkling between soft notes.

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