SpirulinaK sticks - ApuliaKundi
ApuliaKundi produce SpirulinaK e prodotti alimentari a base di alga spirulina, ricchi di proteine, amminoacidi essenziali e lipidi ed adatti a vegani e vegetariani.
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SpirulinaK BIO sticks are pure, natural and made in Italy. Thanks to a chain drawn and safe, SpirulinaK sticks are a unique food with high amount of protein, fiber, minerals and vitamins.

SpirulinaK BIO sticks can be enjoyed at any time on its own or added to yogurt, smoothies or juices. They help our well-being because it strengthens the immune system, promote detoxification, reduce the level of sugar in the blood and counteract cell aging.

It is a food supplement suitable for athletes or those who want to control their weight in a natural way.

Spirulina is suitable for those who follow a vegetarian diet and a vegan.

Available in 20g and 50g size

Average nutritional values ​​for 100g

Energy / Kcal 338

Fat / g 5,5 – of which saturates / g 2,7

Carbohydrates / g 16,1

Fibers / g 4,7

Protein / g 56,0

Beta Carotene / mg 527,7

Calcium / mg 335,9

Iron / mg 19,2

Zinc / mg 1,7

Potassium / mg 1435,6

Gamma Linolenic Acid / mg 786

Phycocyanin (Crude) / g 12,9

C-Phycocyanin / g 6,3

Chlorophyll / mg 877

B1 Vitamin / mg 11,6

B2 Vitamin / mg 2,4

B3 Vitamin / mg 4,7

B6 Vitamin / mg 13,7

B12 Vitamin / mg 0,56

E Vitamin / mg 3,3