Pasta with SpirulinaK - ApuliaKundi
ApuliaKundi produce SpirulinaK e prodotti alimentari a base di alga spirulina, ricchi di proteine, amminoacidi essenziali e lipidi ed adatti a vegani e vegetariani.
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The organic pasta with SpirulinaK BIO is a viable alternative for who want a healthy product without losing taste.

Bronze drawn, pasta with SpirulinaK BIO is ideal for those who love the Mediterranean diet and is looking for lightness and for those who do sports. The ingredients were selected preferring local raw materials. SpirulinaK BIO and variety of durum wheat “Senatore Cappelli” are Apulian products, guaranteeing a drawn chain and safe.

Pasta with SpirulinaK BIO is available in three different varieties: hand braided tagliatelle, fusilli and minnows.

A genuine product of excellence and health-conscious due to its low sodium content.

Available in 250g size