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ApuliaKundi produce SpirulinaK e prodotti alimentari a base di alga spirulina, ricchi di proteine, amminoacidi essenziali e lipidi ed adatti a vegani e vegetariani.
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ApuliaKundi Products

Spirulina is a blue-green microalgae characterized by a high nutritional value and a low environmental impact. Defined by the FAO “the food of the future”. It is considered a fundamental food for both vegetarian and vegan diets, for those who play sports, have food shortages or want to give energy to their lives.

Organic SpirulinaK sticks are pure, organic, natural and produced in Italy. Thanks to a traced and safe supply chain, Spirulina sticks are a unique food with a high content of proteins, fibers, minerals and vitamins…


Organic SpirulinaK pasta is a valid alternative for those who want a product that is attentive to health but without sacrificing taste. Drawn in bronze, it is ideal for those who love the Mediterranean diet…


Compact and persistent foam, straw-yellow color with opalescent green reflections and fruity aromas with light herbal end. Elegant and balanced taste with moderate fizziness between soft notes…


It has a low caloric content, is cholesterol-free and contains only 5% fat, as opposed to animal proteins.

Very low
of fat

Taking spirulina is good because it is a powerful antioxidant, promotes the depurative action of the liver and kidneys, protects the nervous system, maintains the right level of blood sugar, skin elasticity and health of hair, nails and eyes, protects the organism from the onset of carcinogenic pathologies, strengthens the immune system, increases physical endurance and muscle development. Promotes concentration and strengthens the body. Spirulina is also ideal during convalescence and in weight loss diets or low-calorie regimens, as it inhibits the sensation of hunger.


Corresponding to a consumption of 35 gr of bovine meat

B12 Vitamin0%

Corresponding to a consumption of 500 gr of bovine meat

B12 Vitamin0%

Corresponding to a consumption of 300 gr of spinach

ApuliaKundi team

The ApuliaKundi team is composed by young people from Puglia who combine personal characteristics, professional skills and experiences aimed at the good management and implementation of the business idea. The Apulia Kundi group intends to be an active part of a process of change and, through cooperation, to contribute to a process of sustainable development useful to the whole human community.





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ApuliaKundi promotes the networking of people, skills and experience, the circulation of ideas and active participation because it believes in the concept of open innovation in which all stakeholders can help to activate research, development and innovation processes. If you wish to know the Apulia Kundi group personally, propose ideas, project partnerships or other contact us.

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